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What we have seen until recently only in SF movies is becoming a reality in the function of an ordinary person. Robots are no longer a privilege of the industry but have become a reality in our lives. Our company cooperates with leading manufacturers in the field of robotics and follows global trends in development, which records an increasing number of functions that robots perform. You can see service robots around the world at the airport, in hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, banks, retail outlets, and we are not even aware of how many are already present because they were not in our environment until recently.

We go step by step, establish partnerships with companies from the world of robotics and strive to present the best to our market.

Our goal is to offer the latest technology and various models of robots according to the needs of our clients, whether it is in the field of entertainment, services, retail, education, logistics, industry or other business segments.

We are proud to develop new products that will contribute to the development of robotics, increase their use value and application in various segments of life and work.

We are open to cooperation with everyone who has an idea of how we will use our robots in the best possible way, further develop their capabilities whether it is software, hardware or other solutions…

Our mission


Promoting robotics and all the advantages it offers to modern man.

Encouraging young people to engage in research and development of robotics.

Better and healthier life and work with the help of robots.

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