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Welcome to the ALDA world, the world of innovative future

ALDA ROBOTICS is a company of the present and the future. We have brought humanoid service robots into our and your lives. These robots existed in science fiction movies and in dreams before our founding. Today, service humanoid robots exist in your offices and apartments. These robots greet us at airports. They escort us to the train stations. They want to welcome us to the malls. They serve us in restaurants and cafes. They help us in health facilities. They assist us in hotels, car showrooms, in all office buildings and offices. Humanoid service robots are our friends, our associates, our advisors.

When you think of robots, you think of ALDA ROBOTICS. When you want robots, you call ALDA ROBOTICS.

You remember us and call us when you want to change your life for the better. When you want a step forward, when you want to in the future, think of ALDA ROBOTICS.

Robots dominate in industrial plants and production processes. We will enable you to make robots your best workers and associates in service industries. Robots will be at your service. He will always stand in front of you or behind you. Just wish.

Humanoid robots will do the work with you or for you. They will help you. They make your life easier. They make some dreams come true.

These robots help in marketing activities. They help with education. They help with sales and services. If you don’t know how, call, we’ll explain. If you don’t know where, we’ll show you.

You can do it, you can do it all because you have us. We can do that because we have robots.



Dedicated robots

Robots for a specific area of application are offered. Robots for education, robots for retail and service activities, robots for catering, entertainment as well as industrial robots and assistant robots.

our solutions

If you want to automate production processes, save resources or need the perfect assistant in your business, we offer you the design and delivery of customized solutions according to your requirements.

What we can do for You

Rent a robot

Whether it is a celebration of your company, a fair, a birthday or other events

Buy a robot

Have an integral part of the future now! Beautify and facilitate life and business-production processes.

Make a robot

Prepare your children for the future or create new solutions in the field of robotics together with us.

Make application for robot

 We are open to collaboration with all developers who want to work on the development of software for robots

Become a partner

In order to further expand our sales network, we are looking for partners in the field of sales and development of robots.

School of robotics

Our school of robotics will start working soon, contact us.

Special offer

Take a look at some of the most interesting models from our offer


About Dobot MagicianDOBOT Magician is lightweight Intelligent Training Robotic Arm - An all-in-one STEAM Education Platform.  It is a multifunctional desktop...

Sanbot Mini ELf

About Sanbot ElfPeople foremost, enthusiastic and initiative: Mini ELF as a robot with simple and compact appearance, strong sense of science and technology,...


About JIMU ROBOT kits   JIMU Robot is a STEAM-driven intelligent programming robot, which aims to build a STEM education platform. Through creative...

Sanbot Elf

About Sanbot ElfSanbot is an intelligent, humanoid service robot developed by Qihan Technology, a company focused on innovations in robotics, artificial...


About UBTECH Alpha 1E Continuing the success of the Alpha 1 Series, Alpha 1E is built to easily interact as both an educational and home hub robot loaded with...


About Sanbot NANOThis robot comes with an advanced voice interaction system, high quality speakers, and terrific communication functions, making Sanbot Nano a...


About Sanbot MAX Sanbot Max is a commercial service (B2B) robot, designed by Sanbot specifically for enterprises, cateringservices, hotels, and other numerous...


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With the guarantee of the quality of our products, service and technical maintenance are provided.

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