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 In practice, it has been shown that our clients have specific requirements according to the nature of the work and are often not even aware that robots can solve their problem. Our team consists of creative, professional and dedicated people with experience. Invite us to get to know each other and together find a solution that will best suit your needs.

Use in the fight against COVID-19

The new situation of the pandemic in the world has initiated many of us to be actively involved in solving problems, which, according to the nature of our work, has led to the use of robots in the given conditions.

Our solution enables contactless communication with patients, monitoring of medical devices, transport of medicines and protective equipment as well as information on protection measures. We have also developed a new device used as an accessory for our robots and used to disinfect buildings with germicidal lamps. Call us for more information.



It welcomes guests in their mother tongue

  • Over 20 languages in which the robot can communicate with guests are supported
  • Surveying guests
  • The robot moves around the hotel and offers guests to leave an impression rating – in case it is negative, the operator can immediately ask what it is about
  • Ordering drinks
  •  The robot moves through the bar or offers guests to order a drink – the operator / waiter monitors and brings
  • Check in / Check out
  • The robot can scan a personal document and enable check in / check out if there was no consumption directly
  • He escorts the guests to the room
  • The robot can explain to guests how to get to the room or escort them

Banks and post office

Welcoming customers

  • The robot can recognize the faces of employees, and starts only when a client enters when he is greeted with a greeting message
  • Assistance in using bank or post office services
  • The robot can advise how to use an ATM or fill out a payment slip
  • It can direct which counter the client should log on to
  • It can issue a serial number for counters
  • It can open a form that parties need to fill out before approaching the counter
  • Video communication with clients
  • The robot can scan a personal document – sending data to the operator
  • Mobile counter – outside the bank or post office (shopping center, office building)
  • The robot moves through the shopping center and offers bank services – account opening, eBanking
  • Video call with the operator
  • In the near future, Sanbot will help in the process of further business when it connects to the bank or post office system

Retail facilities and shopping malls

At the same time, Sanbot can welcome customers and be a shopping guide as well as help staff in their daily activities

  • Increases the number of potential customers
  • He works at the reception of parties
  • Helps and guides customers to find the product they want
  • Answers customer questions and helps them if needed
  • Publishes the latest information on products as well as current promotions


Check in / Check out employees

  • The robot can keep records of employees and based on face recognition does automatic entry / exit without the need for employees to record or promote the company’s products
  • It can allow you to attend meetings from a distance
  • The robot can display live video of the person from the other side and gesture as if the person is physically present at the meeting
  • Can move from office to office and communicate and broadcast the latest news and information to employees
  • Can distribute printed content (eg corporate newspapers, materials, etc.)
  • Security
  • It can warn of the arrival of an unknown person in the office premises based on face recognition

Airports and train stations

Info about the flight, shops, restaurants

  • Business processes (eg check-in)
  • Patrol and guide services
  • Help for employees
  • One-key call for employees
  • Mobile info service
  • Fun

Fairs, events, congresses and celebrations

When you are an exhibitor at the fair, Sanbot’s high-tech singing and dancing performance will attract a large number of visitors, which will significantly increase the attendance of your stand.

Sanbot will receive visitors and present details about your company and products at your booth. Sanbot can give an introductory speech and greet guests, announce other participants

Innovative solutions


Robots are constantly evolving and every day we see new possibilities for their application.

Our goal is to develop new solutions, innovations in various segments that can improve business processes, make life healthier and more comfortable or facilitate the daily responsibilities of a working man.

We actively participate in European innovative projects where our solutions are highly rated, which further motivates us that there is always a way to make the world a better place to live.


Wide range of applications






Smart houses

Smart houses

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