About Sanbot MAX 

Sanbot Max is a commercial service (B2B) robot, designed by Sanbot specifically for enterprises, catering
services, hotels, and other numerous industries. This robot’s human-machine interaction is seamless,
making you feel like you are in the future. Sanbot Max also boasts highly developed 3D vSLAM technology,
an advanced movement control system, and a convenient load carrying capacity, which can connect
peripherals (printers, scanners, screens, etc.) with ease. Sanbot Max can effortlessly accomplish tasks such
as customer receptionist, or guide. Plus, food delivery and so many more tasks are within Sanbot’s
capabilities. Sanbot Max is the super assistant, optimizing human resources and improving the efficiency
for all businesses.

Size  137 cm (h) × 765 mm (w) × 615 mm (d)
Weight 100 Kg    
Battery Lithium battery/36v/1.6KW/18 hours (runtime)
Video 8.0MP HD Kamera;720p HD Kamera
Display 10.1 inch 1080P HD ekran na dodir
Primary sensors Touch, Infrared, Ultrasonic sensor, 3D vision, RGB vision, Black and white vision, MIC, Gyroscope,Geomagnetic,Encoding disk
Ground Clearance  4.5 Cm
Platform Android/Linux/ROS/RTOS
Max freight weight 75 KG
WiFi  IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n(2.4GHz/5GHz) Zigbee,Bluetooth 4.0,4G (option)
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0  
Connectors USB Type x 3,Micro USB,HDMI x1,Audio IN x2,RJ 45 Ethernet x2,i2C x1,Dial switch x2
Max speed 0-5 m/s
DOF Head: x3; Arm: x10; Palm: x10; Foot: x4; Waist x1

Arm directions of movement: x5
Hand directions of movement: x5
Touch Sensor: x4
Infrared: Infrared
Distance Sensor x3
Background Light: x1

Microphone: x7
Eye Display: OLED x2
Background lights: RGB x2
Speakers: Hi-Def Speakers x2
Degrees of movement x3
Horizontal 180 degrees
Vertical 90 degrees
HD camera:720Px1
Visual Camera: x1
3D Camera x1
Lighting􀄟LED Light x1
Touch Sensor: x1

Wheels: External Wheel Hub
Motor + Mecanum Wheel x4
Infrared: Infrared Distance
Sensor x18
Ultrasonic Scanner: x6
3D Camera: x4
Vision Camera: x1
Trailer Hitch: x1
On/Off Switch: x1
Charging Port: x1
Charging Indicator Light: x1
Turn Signal: x3
Magnetic Sensor: x2
RFID: x1
RJ45 Ethernet Port: x1
DC 12V Port: x1
AUDIO IN Port: x1

Display􀄟10.1 inch 1080P touchscreen
HD Camera: x1
PIR x2
Scanners: x2
Speakers: Treble speakersx2
subwoofer x1
Touch sensor: x2
Backside Cover
Type-A USB x2
Micro USB x1
Dial Switchx2
Front side cover
AC 220V Power Outlet x1
HDMI Port x1
Type-A USB x1
DC 12V Port x1
RJ45 Ethernet Port x1
AUDIO IN Port x1
I2C Interface x1

Sanbot MAX

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