About Sanbot Elf

People foremost, enthusiastic and initiative: Mini ELF as a robot with simple and compact appearance, strong sense of science and technology, based on ultra-high performance hardware platform, and capable of integrating various artificial intelligence technologies such as voice, face detection, face recognition and face tracking.

Cater to the perspective,comfortable experience: Multiple moving parts realize free angle and actively adjust the most comfortable display angle by the sensor following the user’s orientation.


Mini ELF

Face detection and tracking: Support online face recognition, quickly identify the user’s identity, according to the user’s habits to provide personalized services.

Privacy security, from the source: Control of banning camera andmic is only allowed to be enabled by finger touch, avoiding any possibility of remote opening.

Extraordinary sound quality, enjoy every moment: Bass-reflexfullrange dual speakers,enjoy high quality audio and video effects, create a private family concert hall

Rich interface, support intelligent peripheral access: To meet business requirements in different usage scenarios by connecting intelligent peripheral.

Sanbot sensors

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