About Sanbot NANO

This robot comes with an advanced voice interaction system, high quality speakers, and terrific communication functions, making Sanbot Nano a welcome addition to your family or office.

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Sanbot NANO
Dimensions Height: 848 millimetres (33 in)Depth: 395 millimetres (16 in)Width: 421 millimetres (17 in)
Weight 19 Kg
Battery Lithium-ion battery
Capacity: 20Ah/300W
Running time(Full Loading): about 4 Hours; Standby for over 10 hours
Display  10.1 inch 1080P HD capacitance 10-point touch display
Head Mic x 7, RGB Camera x 2, 3D sensor x 1, Touch sensor x 7
Body Gyroscope sensor x 1, Human body induction sensor x 2, IR evading obstacle sensor x 1, IR message receiving sensor
x 6, Touch sensor x 4, electronic compass sensor x 1
Hand IR evading obstacle sensor x 4, Touch sensor x 2
Legs IR evading obstacle sensor x 10, Omni Wheel x 3
Moving parts Head: 2 x DOF, 180 degree at horizontal direction, 30 degree at vertical direction
Hand: 1×2(L/R) DOF, 270 degree swing back and forth
Leg: 3 x DOF, Free angle
Video 8.0MP HD camera
1.0MP HD color camera with 140 degree aspheric surface angle
Platform  ROS1.1
Sound Voice control, 360 degree sound localization
2 x tweeter, 1 x Subwoofer
Networking  Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4 GHz/5 GHz)
Wireless: ZigBee
Atmosphere lamp 250 kinds customized colors;
2 cycles for ears, 2 pcs for hands, and 1 cycle for chassis
Moving speed Up to 2.88 kilometres per hour
Grade Up to 1.5 centimetres

Sanbot NANO is a service humanoid robot that has a number of different functions very similar to the Elf model
Compact, elegantly designed in accordance with current trends in the field of robotics.
It comes with a multitude of sensors that gives a perfect feeling in space, obstacle detectors, laser projector, HD cameras, face and voice recognition functions and many other features.

The robot can be programmed and is an exceptional basis for Android developers in terms of creating applications that will best use its potential according to user needs or customize existing applications for use via robots.

Initial applications are available as well as those that can be installed from the manufacturer’s cloud server. Our team of developers is constantly working on localization and development of new applications in accordance with the needs of our clients, but we believe that there are many young and talented people which will only unlock the true potential of the robot. Of course it is possible to use all existing applications developed for android.

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