Pandemic covid 19, shows significant activity in the spread of the virus has sterilization and disinfection of hands, shoes and clothes. Equally important is the sterilization of other objects that people come in contact with. Sterilization is a traditional means, with soap, alcohol or other chemical preparations.

The use of UVC germicidal lamps achieves better effects of the listed means. Their use in the fight against viruses and bacteria is not new. It has been used for decades to sterilize equipment and items in surgical rooms. Ultraviolet radiation of wavelengths of 253.7 nm from the UVC spectrum successfully distinguishes between DNA virus and bacteria. To prove the scientific studies of American and British scientific institutes. UVC light at a wavelength of 253.7 nm, successfully distinguishes covid19 virus DNA. That is why lamps that work on this wavelength are used in some cunning hospitals around the world. It is important to point out that patients, ie people, must not be exposed to the direct influence of this light. To be able to bring harmful effects on health. Sterilization and disinfection with UV light radiates to the subjects, not to people. The difficulties were used by these lamps to be fixed in the room, and they were often of other dimensions and difficult to handle. But there is an adequate solution.

Based on the ideas of the creative team of ALDA ROBTICS ltd. Belgrade, is designed as an innovative, creative solution that combines robotics, artificial intelligence and the beneficial effects of UVC light. This solution makes a significant contribution to the fight against the covid virus19. It is also effective against other viruses and bacteria. The humanoid robot was equipped with germicidal lamps that emit UVC light at a wavelength of 253.7 nm, and succeed in radiation sterilization and disinfection of the room. It sterilizes the space where people live, but also all objects that are in those rooms.

This technological innovation is useful for sterilization of hospital rooms or rooms in other health care institutions, e.g. sterilization of hallways, waiting rooms, surgeries, hospital rooms, warehouses and other spaces.

It can be used efficiently in premises where economic and business activities are performed, such as offices, sales for meetings, workshops, common areas. It is also used for sterilization and disinfection of sales premises, catering premises, hotels, airports, railway or bus stations and other closed premises that people use in everyday life or at work.

The humanoid service robot has an autonomy of movement at a speed of 0.3 to 0.5 meters per minute. These robots control a remote, mobile phone or computer using existing software. The application used on the mobile phone is used for management. The operator who controls the robot sees everything the robot sees. See where the robot is moving. From a distance of a few meters, or a few hundred, or a few thousand meters, the operator controls the robot. From that distance of the operator through robotic sterilizers objects and space. Remote control of the robot is efficient and safe. Research by American laboratories shows that the sterilization space of 30-40 m2 is completed in 15 minutes.

The sterilization robot is efficient in sterilizing rooms or objects. It is safe because it can be handled with safe distances. It is easily placed from room to room, so it is extremely mobile. In addition to these basic functions, there are other important functions and possibilities.

This robot uses remote communication with sick people. It has a number of cameras including face recognition cameras. He has the ability to speak so that the doctor can talk to the patient through him. The robot approaches the patient’s bed and brings him medicines, disinfectants, food, drinks or something else. As a result, doctors or nurses do not have to approach the patient. This protects the medical staff. The robot can present a video or audio presentation prepared by medical staff or any other contents of the trough via a screen or HD projector.

These humanoid robots have other capabilities. These capabilities are less important in the fight against viruses and bacteria. These characteristics may be important for customers or users of these robots. One important for educational purposes, as well as for marketing and presentation purposes. It can really have application in medical purposes, but also application in preventive activity in the fight against the current pandemic or some other similar events.We use technology and modern innovative solutions for the protection of human life and health and the protection of medical health. We use for the purpose of domestic smart and innovative solutions of the company Alda robotics ltd. Belgrade